On all my films I was much concerned with the set design. And I am glad and proud that I could work with the – later twice Oscar nominated – team of set designers: Ben van Os and Jan Roelfs. It was their first film and their first adventure in set-designing.

When in the nineties, it became apparant to me that the kind of films I would like to make, were becoming difficult to produce, I decided to experiment in the art field, by making short videofilms shown in my  'peeping boxes'. The five or six boxes I made were internationally often exhibited.

I had no gallery to support my work and concluded that I was not really made for the art world.

However designing for film went on in the musical films I made later (see music designer).

A special peeping box was installed on the beach of Brighton - as part of ARCHETYPE- Two sets of holes: through one you could see... the beach as it was at that very moment. Crowded and full of action and relaxation.

Actually what you saw through the hole, was what you could see also... without the box! But through the other holes, you could admire the same spot of beach,the sea and the old Pier  but at 4 a.m. We shot the beach, the sea and the old Pier during one hour by sunset.

Children liked it a lot. One little girl however was very sad, because while she was looking through the box, her ice cream cone fell on the ground...